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It was a Saturday morning in the fall of 2008. A young mom, somewhat new to NCH, was shopping at Humbert’s Meats when a series of gunshots went off, some of them breaking through the wall from the adjacent store in the strip mall. The operators of Humbert’s quickly took their customers to the safety of the meat locker and waited — and waited! Although other jurisdictional police arrived on the scene, NCH police were delayed by other pressing duties. Eventually, calm was restored and the Mother was sent home safely. She told her husband of the events she endured and he immediately contacted a couple of people in the Community who had a better knowledge of local government to find out how he could help to reduce the response time of the NCH Police Department. Those three people: a concerned husband and father, a member of a community action group, and a former Democratic NCH City Councilman formed the seed that sprouted into Change*nch.

That small group of three people eventually gathered others of similar concern to form a Political Action group consisting of a diverse collection of members of the Community who eventually named themselves, Change*nch. They were men and women, Black and White, older and younger, Protestant and Catholic, female and male, and Democrat, Independent, and Republican. Their one binding element was their love for North College Hill. That is still what motivates us to put our differences in race, age, religion, gender, and national political party behind us as we strive to make NCH as great as it can be. In an unprecedented event in 2009’s election, our candidates for City Council won three seats!

In 2010, we created the Issues PAC that we call “Citizens for a Better NCH.” That group has successfully created and supported the passage of 3 Charter Amendments, each of which has been passed by overwhelming margins by the people of NCH to improve government. The first two were on the 2010 ballot and make it now possible to hire a Law Director from outside the City. This was done because of the lack of lawyers who live in the City. The other passed that fall was one that had our elections of candidates for elective offices done in a non-partisan manner (with candidates’ national Party preference not listed on the ballot). Our reasoning for this is that members of a local Political Action Committee can be very diverse on national issues with one another but hold many common opinions on what to do in their local government. In other words, we feel that national politics is irrelevant in local government. Seemingly, NCH citizens agreed.

Two years later in 2012, our Citizens for a Better NCH PAC was back in action with another Charter Amendment. This time we put a Term Limit issue on the ballot that would, in time, create a situation that provides a multitude of fresh ideas at all levels of City Government by limiting elected officials to 12 years of service in any elective office of the City. It passed by a great margin also.

In 2013, we did, for the first time in our short history, win a slim majority of the seats on City Council. In 2015, Change*nch ran an equally successful campaign but lost out in the race for the Mayor’s seat. Change*nch PAC is now excited to introduce to you our candidates for office in the up-coming November, 2017 election:








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