Dennis Jones for NCH City Council

My name is Dennis Jones and I would like to be your representative on city council in North College Hill. I lived in the school district but not in the city so I was unable to run for city government positions. So, I ran for school board and was elected to my first term on the Board of Education in 1997. I eventually served for eight years. Before serving on the school board I got involved by coaching in the NCH Baseball Association and the NCH recreation league as a basketball coach. I also used skills I had learned in college when I became the public address announcer for the high school football and basketball teams.

As my children grew I stayed in touch with the political workings by attending the occasional council meeting and talking with the mayor and a few council members.

Then in 2010, I was appointed to be recreation director. I went to work with the recreation committee and began planning events. We continued and improved several events like the Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast with Santa. A Trunk or Treat was begun, with the help of the high school students, at Halloween time.

When the city made the swap and obtained the old Clovernook Elementary building, the city needed someone to run the building. I was appointed to be that person. I began scheduling activities and programs in the rooms on the gym end of the building. It was at that time I began wondering if it would ever become anymore of a reality than it already was.

In 2012 I remarried and I moved into North College Hill. The thoughts of running for political office began forming in my head again. I talked with the former mayor and with a current council person. When I had finished those discussions, I evaluated and made my decision. ChangeNCH was my choice. They are making good decisions based on what is good for NCH not what is good for any individual or one side.

As far as my education goes, for elementary and junior high, I attended Cincinnati Public schools. I attended and graduated from Aiken High School and studied college prep courses. I went to college at Lincoln Christian University and majored in ministerial studies and education. While there I played baseball and basketball, was involved in several dramatic productions and worked in the college radio station.

I would like to tell you about a significant and meaningful part of my life that was spent in New York City. After my senior year in college I went to New York City to work in a summer camp program with inner city kids. It was my first time in New York and it was quite a shock. It was the first time I was in an African-American neighborhood. It was the first time I was the minority. I learned that there were different viewpoints and ways of looking at things I had not thought of before. The training and preparation for camp helped me to look at situations from other perspectives and to see things through others eyes. The actual day to day camping gave me valuable life experience dealing with all kinds of situations, problems and people. I try to do the same today, look at things from other points of view.

Please join with me and let’s work together to turn problems into solutions and “Move NCH Forward”