Re-elect Pat Hartzel for NCH City Council

Pat Hartzel has been a homeowner in North College Hill for twenty years.  He just turned sixty two years of age and is now retired. One of five siblings, Pat learned the value of hard work at a young age working on the family farm in rural Adams County. That work ethic continued throughout his years of study in technical school as he majored in electromechanical engineering and electronics. Pat worked at Specialty Vending Company, a local business, for 26 years and became field service Manager.  In 2005 the company closed its doors and Pat moved on to  work with Alp vending as repair technician, Cyber Dyne Vending as a general do it all, and the past three and a half years with All Star Vending running a route in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. His other business experience includes ownership and management of investment real estate.    

Pat plays an active role in local political fundraising and campaigns, and has a number of diverse personal interests including camping, music, books, chess, genealogy and computers. One of his more unusual activities is that of an amateur magician, a hobby which has led to a 43 year membership in the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Order of Merlin Excaliber. He is currently President of an area chapter known as Ring 71. He also continues to do research and studies in genealogy and plans on joining a group in the future.

Pat is a member of North College Hill City Council and is Vice Chair of the Finance Committee.  He wants the city books to be open and to be made available on the city website. Currently the books are under review and he wants the results to be known.

Here’s the reason why he is running for Council. There are many areas where money is being spent.  Over many years the Administration ran the city with an unopposed Council who is supposed to represent you. They said they were in the black and were doing fine. Pat saw that was not the case when the city still owed for a fire truck. They traded the City’s maintenance building for Clovernook School, a building that had been in disrepair for years. The City had to build a new maintenance building and will pay on it till 2031!  Pat has noticed that there is a pattern of Administrative habits that still exist even though a new Council was elected. In accusing Council of trying to run the administration, the Mayor would not let the new Council know in what direction the City was going. Sometimes Council was told: You don’t need to know. Or,  It was not your business to know.  Council can do nothing on hiring or firing of any city employees; that’s the Mayor’s choice. The Administration wants to have a fire levy and an earning tax increase to provide for more firefighters and a rehab of the roof on the City Center. Pat is not in favor of taxing our citizens at the expense of their families.

Pat believes that our limited resources must not be spent on overtime and time and a half pay when a part time or regular time employee could perform the work equally well. He also believes that everybody counts. By bringing people together, building a consensus behind the best solutions to their common problems, and working hard, people will get the best results possible.

Pat will be out campaigning this season and will introduce himself to you.

So re-elect Pat to City Council and watch him work his magic to steadily improve the City while keeping your taxes as low as possible.