Change*nch supports Issue 9 – NCH Fire Levy

Change*nch members are not unlike most other voters in disliking the raising of taxes. However, there are times when paying more taxes is preferable to the consequences that we would suffer by not passing a Levy.
Because we are currently unable to compete with other jurisdictions, salary-wise, to fill empty staff slots, we find our Fire/Paramedic staff sorely understaffed. Recently, there have been times when we had no member of the Department on duty and other times when we could not have answered calls to put out a fire because we didn’t have enough present to man a fire unit.

If our 3.2 mill levy fails, we will almost certainly lose our Paramedic status and, by extension, be unable to provide many life-saving procedures to people in dire need of immediate life-saving treatment.

We know what will happen if we don’t pass the Levy! Our only hope for quick and effective responses to fires and medical emergencies to save our loved ones and property is to pass the Levy. Change*nch urges you to Please VOTE FOR ISSUE 9 in the upcoming Election!

Thank You!!