Comparing Change*nch with the other candidates

Change*nch supports the Fire Levy in order to fully staff both Fire and Paramedic squads during every daily shift. We cannot now compete with other local jurisdictions’ salary scales.

  • Originally, the other candidates did not support the Fire Levy. However, after learning why we were in support of the Levy, they now have signs in their yards in support of it.


Change*nch does not support the use of cameras at traffic lights. Cities that have done so were made to pay back all fines collected when complaints were brought to court.

  • The other team still seems to like the idea behind the use of “Red-Light Cameras” but admitted they were not aware of the circumstances we pointed out to them: the 3-year required study to prove the need for such a program, the very high initial cost of the installation of the cameras, the fact that Ohio Courts have required those who did use them to return all the fines collected from their us, and the fact that the cameras cannot be used as a way of increasing income.


Change*nch supports bringing City government to the people and have done so by instituting Ohio’s checkbook program and recording our meetings for replay on TV or the web.

  • The other team held the Council majority and Mayor’s seat for over 30 years and never did anything to help bring government directly to our citizens.


Change*nch believes the words from the City Charter, “We, the people of the City of North College Hill, Ohio, do adopt this Charter in order to give its residents and City officials the best tools to prepare our City for the future.”  We do not think that the City Charter should be used to set a dress code for City Council since Council sets its own rules for such things.

  • But one of the other Party’s candidates believes the City Charter should be amended to include a dress code for members of City Council even though our Council consists of reasonable adults who wear business casual clothing.


Change*nch and its sister partner, Citizens for a better NCH, will push for appropriate Charter amendments that will finally balance the power between the Administration and City Council by giving Council approval of Mayoral appointments.

  • We challenge our partners “across the aisle” to follow the example of the Federal Government that allows the top Administrator to appoint cabinet members and the judges with the approval of Congress.


Please vote for CHANGE*nch!