The following are Standing Strong with us. Please vote for “CHANGE” nch.


“I have lived in North College Hill for 10 years, and I understand the importance of having trustworthy citizens serving local office. That is why I am supporting the Change*NCH candidates. Each person demonstrates a strong work ethic and a thoughtful consideration of the needs of our community.” Jamie Miller-Novak




“I would like to publically support Mary Jo Zorb, for President of North College Hill City Council. I have personally witnessed Ms. Zorb’s passion for improving the city by participating in clean up events, encouraging citizen involvement in council meetings and keeping a frugal eye on the city’s finances as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.  Additionally, Ms. Zorb has embarked on a path to increase the use of grant funding opportunities to enhance North College Hill.  Her passion has inspired me to become more involved in our great city.” Andrea Brooks



“I have lived in NCH for 72 years and owned my home for 53 years.  I support Change*nch. This is the leadership we need to keep our city strong.  They put their words into action. Vote for the right change.” Carol Wulkotte




“I encourage NCH voters to support the Change*nch candidates at the polls on November 7 because they do good work for people and institutions throughout the City and don’t just wait until the 1st and 3rd Monday to attend Council Meetings.” Alex Smith, Meis Ave.



“I want action for NCH, and that is what Change*NCH is all about. Positive change for our city.”  Jim Agin





“I have known many of Change*nch’s members for years and I trust their judgment. They will represent you well on North College Hill City Council.” Ms. Elverna Murray, Northeast Quadrant Resident