Standing Strong to:

Protect Home Values

  • We support more effective Code Enforcement
  • We’ll build better rapport with the School District
  • We’ll work cooperatively with the Business Association
  • We’ll make sure the City takes better care of its own property
  • By doing the above 4 things, NCH will attract more owner-occupiers

Slash Wasteful Spending

  • We’ll not over-spend needlessly on an outdated building
  • When possible, we’ll hire part-time help rather than pay overtime
  • We won’t invest many $1,000’s on programs dying in other cities
  • We’ll encourage local volunteers to do short-term City projects
  • We put the State’s Checkbook program in to let you see our spending

Empower Citizens

  • We brought Council meetings to your home by having them recorded
  • We gave you the power to bring improvement to our City Charter
  • When we create Citizen ad-hoc committees, we will act upon them rather than abandon them after a meeting or two
  • We’ll strive to get input from all areas of the city, not just from a chosen few of our friends and neighbors
  • We’ll work to give citizens faster access to our Police 24/7/365

Legislate Responsibly

  • We’ll always put proposed legislation in Committee for discussion
  • We’ll minimize the suspension of readings whenever possible
  • We’ll urge the Administration to plan ahead to avoid the necessity of an emergency clause
  • We’ll create and pass legislation based on citizen input and need
  • We’ll not pass legislation that transfers money improperly

Make Streets Safer

  • We’ll try to budget our Street Fund to be able to add more staff
  • We’ll try to find cheaper ways to slow traffic In residential areas
  • We’ll continue to encourage the “Neighborhood Watch” program
  • We’ll work to renew the Street Levy when it is set to expire
  • We’ll encourage our Police to try new methods to be more visible